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Swimmers Level 5 and Basic Water Safety

Town of Saratoga Learn to Swim Program

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Swimmers Level 5
Basic Water Safety

Swimmers Level 5

Level 5, Stroke Refinement is a course designed to coordinate and enhance strokes.  In this course open turns and surface dives are taught.  Swimmers further increase their and learn more rescue skills.
Swimmers must have a Level 4 certification to participate in this class.
We will begin testing today, August 16th!
The swimmers will receive a Red Cross certification card if they can do the following:
tread water for 10 minutes
demonstrate an acurate front crawl, breast stroke, side stroke, elementary back stroke and back crawl.

Basic Water Safety

This course is designed for swimmers that have met course requirements up to Level 5.
Swimmers that participate in this class will learn rescue skills, develop and maintain endurance, learn the basics of CPR and First Aid and various swimming and safety skills. 
Currently, this course is not be taught due to lack of enrollment.