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Instructors and Pool Rules

Town of Saratoga Learn to Swim Program

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Meet your Instructors & Learn the RULES!

Swimming Instructor:  Jeannie Duval
Assistant Instructor/Lifeguard:  Ashley Lutzger
Jeannie Duval has been working for the Swim Program for nearly 10 years and has been the program's Swimming Instructor for 7 years. 
Ashley Lutzger is new to the program this year.  Ashley is a certified Lifeguard as well as a certified Water Safety Instructor.  She has worked as a lifeguard/Swim Instructor in the past at Camp Chingacook, in Lake George.  We are looking forward to all of her help and experience working with children.  It should be a truly nice addition to our program.
If there is ever a time you need to contact Jeannie you may phone her at home at 581-8453 or email her using the link below.

EMAIL Jeannie!

1.PLEASE no jewelry in the pool.
2. Parents and siblings MUST stay outside of the fence.
3. Parents, if you need to speak with an instructor please do so after or before your child's lesson.
4.  No chewing gum during your lesson.
5.  Parents' and siblings', while not in lessons please be sure to respect the grounds and keep it clean of garbage.  Do not let young children climb on or pull on any trees on the property.  And ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING!